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Your Crew

Laid-back attire might be common amongst Caribbean sailors, but a laid-back attitude towards seamanship is not! All crew members of SV Random Wind are highly trained professionals and they take pride in keeping you safe while at the same time not infringing on the fun to be had.


Meet the Passionate Crew of  SV Random Wind

Your Hostesses/First Mates

Diane Morano Smith

diane 400 textDiane is the Managing Director. She is mom to her two children, Nathan and Caroline. She adores serving and chatting with people as she does at the times she maintains first-mates duties.

Every day after serving lunch she does a back-flip off the bowsprit. Each time before flipping – she dedicates her toss. Dedications of late have been to Dustin and others serving in our armed forces. To our friend Jack who watches over us from heaven. To vanity, in the hopes that it doesn’t control us……… and of course, to these good times we share in the Caribbean Blue!


Anna Holness
Anna is the full time 1st mate/hostess. From the South of England, she has travelled extensively and adores the Caribbean. She enjoys meeting new people and appreciates different cultures. She understands well the importance of customer service and it comes naturally to her. We heard her say "Making people happy is what makes me happy!" She is fully certified, experienced and open to learning new things. She loves that one of her job requirements is learning the Tarzan Swing!

Your Captain Onboard SV Random Wind

Captain Trevor John Williams

Trevor John Williams is Captain of SV Random Wind. He is a wonderful sailor as well as a kind, gentle man. He is originally from England and has sailed most of his life.

He is a Royal Yachting Association Yacht-master and loves what he does. We are happy to have him as our full time Captain and feel safe in his hands. He can come off a bit harsh, especially when it comes to safety. He likes to be sure he is heard the first time! Don’t take offense, it’s his job to keep us safe.


We also need time off so you may have other crew at times.

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