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About SV Random Wind

Random Wind is a traditional sailboat; 54 ft. length, cutter-rigged ketch and well maintained. Started in Taiwan and finished in South Africa, her strength and craftsmanship are just some of her positive attributes.


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She circumnavigated the world twice with her previous owners Marten and Saskia and then hoped to find retirement in St. Maarten……. Wrong!

People loved her so much that Marten and Saskia started to get lots of them asking to take her out for the day. And so it started bit by bit that after some years they were doing 4 – 5 days per week and sharing great stories with the people who often turn friends.

After running the business for 11 years, Marten and Saskia, with their two children, Skye and Sil, decided it was time for a change. On April 1st, 2007 they sold the business. It is now run by Diane Morano Smith of the USA. She is the Managing Director and frequently hostess/first mate.

She says her most enjoyable moments, aside from back-flipping off the Tarzan swing, are the sounds of laughter and splashing heard through the hatches as she is prepping the afternoon snacks. “I realize how great this is when I hear that.”

Random Wind offers a lot of space, both in shade and sun. All seating surfaces are newly cushioned – they are really comfortable. After the 2011-2012 refit Random Wind now has three chill lounges. Every guest has a cushioned seat with a backrest!

Our new stereo has speakers forward and aft and can play most anything you bring. The life-lines run the length of the boat port and starboard and are serious stainless steel for real safety. Below are three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Across the ‘living room’ wall lies a beautiful relief wood carving of Table Mountain near Capetown, South Africa where the boat was fitted and finished in 1983.

Our Mission Statement

It is the mission of Random Wind Charters, NV to bring joy to those who board our boat as well as to those we encounter on land. To attain this mission we:

  • Encourage fun and laughter in a stress-free environment
  • Treat all people equally and with respect
  • Enjoy alcohol responsibly so as to enhance the good time we are having
  • Take pleasure in the waters of Sint Maarten - Saint Martin as a green company; appreciating the beauty and leaving no footprint

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